Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guest Interview - Lee Rogers

This week I had the pleasure to listen to Lee Rogers as he spoke bluntly and openly of his successes and his failures within the ministry. When he spoke about his transition from a small church to a large church it especially connected with me, because I have had to transition from a small church to a very large church in my life. It was encouraging to see a man with a deep passion to witness youth reach there full potential in God. That was made evident when Lee began explaining the ministry he is currently involved in called Youth Alive.
Youth Alive is an initiative for middle school and high school students to become campus missionaries in order to spread the gospel to the unreached students in their schools. Lee listed four strategies for youth alive: First, “the campus missionary,” because the indigenous missionary is the best missionary. Secondly, are campus clubs, which is a vision for church planting within schools. Thirdly is the Seven Project, which is an assembly that takes place in schools. In the morning the assemblies are totally secular, while at night Christ is presented. Finally is prayer, more specifically prayer zone partners, in which people pass by schools and pray for the campus missionaries inside. It was enlightening to see the background behind youth alive and the impact it has had in the secular world!

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