Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Speaker - Jason Tourville

Jason Tourville, our guest speaker, was a very down to earth guy who loves the Lord. The way he talked about his four children (two boys and two girls) showed a compassionate heart. Jason is an alumnus from VFCC so it was encouraging to see a successful pastor coming from here. Jason launched right into the ministry after college. And throughout his post undergraduate life he was able to move through a wide range of churches from small churches to mega churches. Eventually God softened Jason’s heart and called him to be a senior pastor, which he is today in a small church in Philly.

Jason is the creator of Hope4Philly, an outreach ministry out of Convoy of Hope. It was incredible to hear the statistics of Hope4Philly, such as: 10,000 out of 15,000 people were prayed for, 120,000 lbs of groceries shipped, and 2200 volunteers this year alone. The organization amongst eight separate sites is phenomenally strategic to say the least. Jason is a balanced leader, evident in the success of Hope4Philly, resulting in many more souls being added to the kingdom. It is good to see a leader who takes ministry seriously. When asked what the biggest lesson Jason learned when launching this outreach ministry, he responded: “your team will make or break you.” I thought that was a very practical life lesson to take the heart.

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