Thursday, September 22, 2011

Community Compassion Organization – Convoy of Hope

I contacted Jeff Nene, Senior director of public relations for Convoy of Hope. He was very quick in his response and was obviously passionate about his organization. Convoy of Hope in Northern California; its founder’s names were Hal Donaldson and his two brothers Dave and Steve. At age twelve Hal and his siblings suffered the loss of their father due to a collision with a drunk driver. Their mother was also severely injured and hospitalized, but during this time the Church extended its hands, in love, out towards the family. This is what drove Hal and his brothers to begin Convoy of Hope. Prior to Launching Convoy of Hope Hal and his brothers founded Church of America, of which Convoy of Hope was branched out of. Church care America specialized in meeting needs of small churches and one particular church asked for help feeding the hungry within their neighborhood. What started out of the back of a pickup truck grew into an extremely potent ministry, that is, Convoy of Hope.
Convoy of Hope has helped people all over the world, especially in the midst of natural disasters. The four major areas that Convoy of Hope has helped people in are: children’s feeding, community outreach events, disaster response, and partner resourcing. Primarily through orphanages and schools, over 100,000 hungry children are fed. According to Jeff Nene, “We hold about 50 events every year where communities, churches, and local agencies come together to touch the poor and suffering in their community.” The needy also have the opportunity to come in to the events free of charge and leave with free groceries. Convoy of Hope is one of the first organizations to respond to a natural disaster. They helped in both Haiti and Japan, along with many other countries hit by catastrophic disasters. Partner resourcing is an amazing thing where Convoy of Hope finds like-minded organizations and then supplies them, as it’s necessary.
Convoy of hope is almost entirely funded by donations from churches, businesses, and even individual people. As far as employment, Convoy of Hope like most companies looks for people that share the same point of view and passions, abilities that meet the basic job requirements and references, and most importantly a Christian character.

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