Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Speaker – Dave Dallenbach

Dave Dallenbach, our guest speaker was truly inspirational in his display of originality in front of a small class of college students. His passion for seeing people reached all over the world really resonated with me. When Dave began speaking I prejudged him as the salesman type who was not really interested in expanding the kingdom of God, but instead, expanding the amount money in his bank account. What humbled me is when he said he could have been working for a lot more money than he is working for now, but chose to devote his life full time to the ministry. Dave Dallenbach is the creator of CellFunds and it is an amazing concept that I certainly see God using for His good. To think that we can instantly transfer up to five thousand dollars through texting simply by using our cellphones is absolutely bizarre to me. But bizarre or not it is becoming a reality and not only nation wide, but internationally. I believe this creativity is necessary in the day and age we live in, because of all the amount control people have over us opposed to allowing God to dictate our lives. The urgency of Dave’s heart regarding The LORD’s return is what had the greatest impact on me. The presence of God was evident in our couple of hours of conversation; and I am incredibly grateful that Dave shared with us his time and heart.

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