Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Andy Stanley - Leadership Summit

Andy Stanley has a very lively and dynamic voice and is also very humorous. His purpose in speaking was specifically geared towards making vision stick. Andy mentioned that the vision does not change. Three practical steps used to make vision stick are: 1) casting it strategically, 2) celebrating it systematically, and 3) living it continuously. Casting vision allows you to see it before you in a way that allows you to further explain it to the listener thoroughly and practically. Celebrating the vision puts “skin on the vision” which allows the audience to be inspired by it. Finally, living that vision gives you credibility, because no one will embrace a vision that isn’t followed by the visionary first. I loved the way Andy broke down vision very practically. One of my favorite things that he said was that the way vision works is to first ask the question, “what is the problem,” then offer a solution, and then when the solution is offered, present a reason and develop a sense of urgency based on that reason. Every Monday, according to Andy Stanley, he holds a meeting where his staff shares stories with him about all that God is doing in their ministries. This is one of the many ways were the vision is celebrated. Overall I think Andy makes it extremely practical to grasp the vision and I admire his passion and joy.

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