Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shift by Brian Haynes

Today Patrick Hays gave a very well organized presentation on the book entitled Shift: What it takes to finally reach families today by Brian Haynes. Being the structured and mathematically oriented man that I am, this book was very compelling to me. It included very practical truths that can be applied to the upbringing of children in the home, which would certainly alleviate the stress on Pastors that is so commonly seen today, and place the burden back upon the parents where it belongs. What I found interesting, based on what Patrick had read in the book, was the fact that the model given in the book was very open to remodeling and additional methods. The way the book organized the flow of the seven milestones in a person’s life was astonishing to me, from infancy all the way to death. This is certainly the mentality that the church has to go back to as a whole. The church is not meant to be a house of babysitters and parents; it is supposed to be a place where those parents are ministered to and at the same time given instructions on how the bible states one should raise their children. I think from the presentation alone, this book is a solid read and would be beneficial to all churches.

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