Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Response - Church Planting Boot Camp

Today was a very different class session compared to what I’ve experienced throughout the year. The topic of the day was inflatables. It is incredible to me how when a good idea is launched, how quickly it sets fire. Apparently, inflatables or “moon bounces” are a big hit with young children, which in turn is an excellent way to reach out to the community. If a child is happy, typically the parent is happy too. I had the opportunity to hear from five different church planters today, which each shared stories about ministry and life. Their names are Jason, Ryan, Dave, John, and Caleb. It was encouraging to see a close group of men who were creative in their outreaches, and also passionate for their congregations. I must mention that Dave and Caleb are planting a church in Boston, which is my hometown. I immediately felt a connection to them, not just because they were from Boston, but also because they were passionate about the city and for those who never met Christ. They passed out their freshly made bulletins for the class to see and the design was professional grade. Overall there was a lot to take in, but it was all very useful and well worth the sponge state I was in.

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